pros and cons of nursing

Nursing Pros and Cons

The nursing field is growing everyday and those that are employed in this area find that they have more options now than ever before. As much as nursing can be rewarding, it also comes with it’s fair share of disadvantages. If you’re currently in the field and looking towards your future, here are a few pros and cons you should know about.

The Pros

1. Travel – For those nurses tired of working in the same hospital day in and day out. How about packing your bags and working in a clinic in California or a Surgery Center in Minnesota? This is one of the great perks of nursing. Not only does it provide you with the ability to see the country, it also offers better pay. Leave your $25 an hour job behind in Georgia and earn $55 to $75 in California.

2. Learn New Areas of Nursing – Are you a pediatric nurse, but willing to train in the cardiac department? Well you’re in the right profession. Numerous opportunites are available for you to cross train into other areas of nursing. If you’re willing to take some additional courses to become certified in other areas, you could find something that challenges you and gives you a greater deal of satisfaction.

3. Schedule Flexibility – Most careers involve a 40 hour/5 day or more work week. As a seasoned nurse, you may have the option to work twice a week or 36 hours for 3 days a week, over a 12 hour shift per day. Anything after 36 hours is normally overtime. This can be especially appealing to those nurses with small children or doing continuing education.


1. Aches and Pains – Some nursing requires a lot of heavy lifting or pushing and pulling to ensure a patient is placed properly for surgical treatment or other procedures. This can take a toll on the body. Many nurses can find themselves having back and shoulder pain due to their work. If the pain is constant, it could shorten your career.

2. Stress, Stress, Stress – Since nursing can be a matter of life and death at times; the job can be emotionally draining. The stress of ensuring your patients get the best care, the correct amount of medications and their loved ones questions are answered with empathy can cause burnout.

3-Exposure to Diseases – You’ve probably heard doctors and other hospital employees say the easiest place to get sick is the hospital. Due to germs and sometimes poor cleaning practices, clinics and hospitals can be havens for illness. Nurses and doctors never know when a patient comes in exactly what they are dealing with. It’s usually the healthcare professional that gets sick after an outbreak of some disease. This means vulnerabilities you may have no control over. Although, keeping up with your immunizations and good personal hygiene may go a long way in keeping you healthy.

Although nursing offers many great advantages it also has it’s hazards. Either way, those in the field will continue to see higher pay and greater demands for their services. If you’re a nurse looking to make a career change or travel, then a recruiter can help. Make the most of your career by trying as many options as you like. You’ll be happier and your patients will get the benefit.

Happy Nursing!