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Highway Hypodermics: Travel Nursing 2012 has been released by Epstein LaRue and Star Publish, LLC. Since its release, the Kindle version has been on the Hot New Releases list for Nursing Reference on Amazon.

Grace, ID March 14, 2012
Epstein LaRue is very thrilled to announce that Highway Hypodermics: Travel Nursing 2012, has been released by Star Publish, LLC (

Since 2003, the Highway Hypodermics series has brought the most up-to-date information to traveling nurses, staffing recruiters, and travel nursing company executives.

This edition not only takes you down the path of finding a great travel company and an awesome assignment, but delves into the finer things of travel nursing, including steps to becoming a travel nurse for foreign trained nurses, traveling in an RV, traveling as an OT, PT, SLP, or LPN, homeschooling while traveling, independent contracting, and what the nursing license compact really means. New topics in this edition include new testing (PBDS & BKAT), standards groups (JCAHO & NATHO), and traveling with a pet, plus there are over forty new stories from other nurses.

Epstein met her husband online in 1996 using the nickname of Epi. Their story prompted her first book, Love At First Type: An Online Romance, which was published under the pen name of Epstein LaRue in January of 2001. Since then, she has published Crazy Thoughts of Passion (January 2003), Highway Hypodermics: Your Road Map To Travel Nursing (January 2005), Highway Hypodermics: Travel Nursing 2007 (January 2007), Crazy Thoughts of an Online Romance (January 2008), and Highway Hypodermics: On The Road Again (January 2009).

Her travel nursing books have received top awards. The 2005 version was a finalist in the USABooksNews’ annual awards; the 2007 version reached Number One on Amazon’s best seller list in Nursing Trends, Issues, and Roles. The 2009 version was a winner in the USABookNews’ annual awards in 2010. This edition has been on the “Hot New Releases” for Nursing Reference on Amazon since it’s publication date.

Other recent accomplishments include having her article, “Top 10 Reasons To Love Travel Nursing” published in one of nursing’s most prestigious magazines, Nursing2004. She has also had several articles published in ORNurse2008 and ElectroPhysical Lab Digest. She was named as a Traveler of the Year by Healthcare Traveler magazine in December 2005, and in May 2007, her website, was featured on Dr.

Currently she is taking a break from traveling, and works full time at a critical access hospital. She keeps in touch with the growing field by constantly updating her travel nursing website, visiting travel nurse companies with a program on retaining nurses, and giving presentations at the yearly Traveling Medical Professionals Conference. “Highway Hypodermics” the website is her way of keeping traveling nurses updated about travel nursing happenings between the two or three years of publishing the book series.

For more information about travel nursing, visit her website at: Her author website can be found at Her books can be purchased from either website,,, or personally autographed version from the author. The eBook version is also available for Kindle, Nook, and other major eBook formats.

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