Travel Nursing

Travel Nursing with My Nurse Recruiter

For a travel nurses, My Nurse Recruiter can help you find the perfect job and location that you’ve  been dreaming about. When you complete your profile, the information is sent to various travel nursing agencies that will assist you in locating your next travel contract/assignment.

Recruiter NurseWhat is Travel Nursing?
Travel nursing is the response to a nursing shortage where nurses needed to go to various assignments on a short-term basis. This short-term basis is usually around 13 weeks. The current nursing shortage in United States has increased the need for this type of nurse. Due to the nature of the industry there are special incentives offered to travel nurses including higher wages, relocation assistance, furnished housing, and bonuses.

Why Travel Nursing?
Healthcare professionals choose travel nursing for better pay, professional growth and development, travel and adventure, or other personal reasons. Generally travel nurses will select from several agencies to work as an agent for the traveler and hospitals or other potential employers. As recently as 2009 there were over 340 travel nursing companies in the US alone.

How do we help?
Applying to various travel nurse agencies can be a time consuming process. My Nurse Recruiter helps simplify this step. Simply complete your online profile and your information will be submitted to various agencies across the United States. Stop wasting time contacting agencies, instead have the agencies contact you.

Travel Nurses Needed!
My Nurse Recruiter is looking for travel nurses. We work with agencies across the United States and travel nurses are in high demand. Sign up today to find the perfect contract assignment for you!