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Reasons to Use a Nurse Recruiter

Better Positions
Nurse recruiters provide more opportunities than you would have without their assistance. Some of their clients such as hospitals, homes and others facilities, have positions that may not even be posted in the public domain. Even if you’re spending the time checking all your online sources, chances are you will miss out on some of the jobs that recruiters have available.

Competitive Edge
Recruiters sell you, that’s a luxury not possible for direct applicants. With competitive jobs, direct applicants are grouped in a pile of resumes with all the other applicants. When you work with a nurse recruiter, not only does the hiring manager receive your resume but they also receive detailed information from your recruiter to help sell you. Think of your recruiter as a cheerleader in your corner touting your abilities and why you would be a great fit.

Recruiters are experts in the hiring process. They will help get you started with resume writing, cover letters, and interview preparation. Recruiters find jobs that are a great match for you. Because they take the time to learn about you and the requirements of the position, they will help match you to the right opportunities and give you the best chance for success. They have great insight into the job and its requirements before hand so they can prepare you for the process. Your nurse recruiter can also help with relocation, licensing in a new state, background checks, drug screens, and more. If you’re moving to a new location, or interested in travel nursing, they will also help with finding you housing.

Saves Time
Let’s admit it, spending hours and hours reading over job postings, writing cover letters, completing applications, going on interviews, following up with hiring managers, negotiating compensation and finally accepting an offer takes time. LOTS OF TIME. Why not get those hours back and have a qualified nurse recruiter handle it for you? Most quality recruiters have databases full of positions, and more are added each day. They also actively shop YOU to facilities even if there may not be an opening.

Negotiation Partner
Once you’ve found the right match and are ready to accept a position, you have a partner by your side making sure you get everything you’re worth. Someone who can help you get every dollar and benefit available. Best of all, you don’t have to deal with that process and can have very candid and open discussions with your recruiter about this sensitive subject.

Stay Connected
Recruiters keep your information handy and send you relevant job matches, even after your search is over. You may not be looking now, but what if the perfect position just opened up? Without a recruiter, you’d certainly miss the opportunity.

It Doesn’t Cost You Anything
Maybe the best part? All fees are paid by the company doing the hiring. That means you receive the time and expertise from a recruiter, all for free.

Ready to Get Started?
YES! Find a great recruiter with us and begin your next position with our help. Simply take a minute or two and complete your profile. It’s that simple.