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Simply submit your profile, tell us a little about the job and location you are looking for and we’ll do all the work for you. We will contact our vast database of hospitals and agencies and when a job match comes up, you will be contacted!

My Nurse RecruiterYour time is precious, don’t waste it looking for a job when My Nurse Recruiter can do it for you. And best of all, it costs you nothing. Give it a try, you have nothing to lose and a lot to gain. Many nurses have responses in less than one day!

Where are the jobs?
There aren’t any. Many sites are simply job boards where hospitals and agencies post jobs and nurses spend hours looking though these jobs trying to find the perfect position. Once they locate that ideal position, they find out that it has already been filled. Many listings on job boards are “generic” just so recruiters can obtain your information or many more are simply outdated. At My Nurse Recruiter, we don’t feel that you need to waste your time searching when we can do it for you.

You’re Important, Be Treated That Way.
It’s not just our slogan but what we believe. All of us at My Nurse Recruiter realize you are vital to our clients and we are trying our best to place our nurses where they will thrive.

Travel Nurses Needed!!
Travel nurses are in high demand. Simply complete your online profile and get started with travel nursing. A couple minutes of your time may be all it takes to get you started with becoming a travel nurse.