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How to Get Started in Travel Nursing

As a nurse, you have one of the best jobs in the world because you get to help people heal. You never know what types of illnesses or injuries you’re going to face and that challenge alone may keep you excited about what you do. But, what if you’re looking for something more. You want to see more of the United States and want to learn more about how other medical facilities in other states operate. If you’re looking for this type of adventure, here’s how to get started in travel nursing. First, sign up with My Nurse Recruiter today. We will help you match up with travel nurse agencies throughout the country.

Get Licensed In That State

Depending on the state where you were originally licensed, you may need to get an additional license for the state you plan to work in. If you’re licensed in states such as Arizona, Florida or Texas, these states are considered Nurse Licensure Compact (NLC) states, so another license may not be required if the state you plan on working is a NLC state as well.

Lock in A Contract

There are numerous recruiters that offer travel nursing jobs. Each one will have it’s own requirements and opportunities. Are you looking to work a strike for a couple of weeks? Are you looking for a 3 to 6 month gig, with higher wages than your state or are you looking for something long term. No matter what you are searching for, there is a contract out there waiting for you. Reach out to a travel nurse recruiter and see what they have available and then lock in your contract. Make sure you are available for the times and dates that you sign up for. Also ask about sign up bonuses. A couple of extra dollars never hurt anyone.

Where Do I Stay?

Depending on the contract you accept, most will cover the cost of your housing. Many traveling nurse agencies provide housing and take care of all accommodations for you. Some shorter-term assignments may even be a hotel or an AirBnB. Be sure to discuss your housing needs with your recruiter, always ask questions and make sure you’re comfortable with your living arrangements. Most quality recruiters are looking to make sure you’re both happy and comfortable!

Ready, Set, GO!

Once you’ve chosen a recruiter, got your licensing in order, and located that perfect job, it’s time to get ready to go. Since you will spend much of your time working, travel lightly. Pack what you think you’ll need to ensure you have at least a couple of weeks of clothing and uniforms. Also, have fun. Take in some sites and do some shopping. If you work hard, you should play hard. Ready, set, go!

Finding a Nurse Recruiter

Nursing can be a very rewarding career and with the aid of a nurse recruiter, candidates can take their careers to the next level. The services of a recruiter opens up a new world of opportunity and adventure that broadens your professional scope and expands your horizons. Hiring a nurse recruiter has many advantages that will help your career become more fulfilled and rewarding.

New Opportunities

nurse recruiter

You entered the field of nursing because you love to help people. However, when placed in the wrong environment nurses can quickly become jaded and as a result, work suffers and professional goals are lost. They get stuck in a rut and fail to seek out new, fresh and exciting opportunities. The help of a successful nurse recruiter can provide you with the opportunity for a fresh start in a new environment. This will revive your career and help you grow professionally. We make searching for a new career path quicker than doing it alone and often providing better placement than a traditional job search. We closely examine your specialty and skill set to maximize your professional and economic advancement.

Competition is Always Fierce

For those living in cities with limited job opportunities, the competition in the nursing industry can be very competitive. When you utilize the services of a nursing recruiter, the employer knows you have been vetted and chosen specifically for this position by an industry professional that understand the needs of the particular or medical facility. This gives you an advantage knowing that some, if not all, of the recruitment work has been done for the employers. They understand there’s a good chance you are an ideal match for what the employer needs.

Professional Guidance

A nurse recruiter can provide professional guidance that will help you land the job you have always wanted. They thoroughly examine your qualifications, credentials and work history to highlight accomplishments and experience that will better prepare you make a great first impression to employers. Our services boost the chances of you landing the job because of the outstanding preparation service that nurse recruiters provide. They also negotiate compensation on your behalf, leading to bigger paydays than doing it alone.

Travel Nurses in High Demand

One of the many services a nurse recruiter can provide is travel opportunities. Recruiters can link your profile with some of the most popular and resourceful traveling nurse companies in the country. Pay is outstanding for these position and is a great way to experience different settings, people and places. Travel nurses are in particular demand as the lifestyle is different than that of a traditional nurse and can be a burden to people with families and other responsibilities to look after.

Things to Ask a Recruiter

Before accepting a position nurse recruiters should be able to answer many of the questions you have about a particular position. Here’s a list of things you can ask your recruiter before taking on your next challenge.

  • Does this job include training?
  • Ratio of nurse to patient on all shifts.
  • Are the shifts rotating?
  • How did position become available?
  • What is the overtime policy?
  • Advancement and professional development opportunities.
  • Are days off/shifts rotating?

The list can go on and on. However, nurses who sign up to receive the services of a recruiter are more likely to land opportunities that are geared towards their specialty and with better wages and benefits. This allows a nurse to maximize their potential and chance of advancement.

Travel Nursing with My Nurse Recruiter

Travel nursing is a highly rewarding job for nurses across the country.  Generally travel nurses receive higher pay, free accommodations, daily per diems, travel reimbursement and many other benefits.  They also are rewarded with great experiences of being able to travel around the country and working in various hospitals.  While travel nursing may not be for everyone, especially those with ties to a certain area, it can be an amazing opportunity if you can be flexible and looking for freedom.

For the most part, a nurse will need to work with a recruiter to find a travel nurse position.  We can help nurses make that first step and find a recruiter to get the process started.  When an RN completes their profile on our website, we send your information to some great agencies who work with facilities across the county.  With just a couple minutes of your time, My Nurse Recruiter will save you hours of time searching and locating agencies and applying to each of them.

My Nurse Recruiter works with nurses with various backgrounds and skills, including travel nurses.  Experienced nurses will receive help locating a great position anywhere in the United States including permanent positions, travel nursing positions or per diem.  Our service is 100% free to nurses and there is no commitment.  Begin the process here:


National League for Nursing President Marsha Howell Adams, Alabama Nurse Educator, Takes Helm

The NLN announced the results of it’s Board of Governors elections at its 2013 education summit on September 20. Marshall Howell Adams who is the senior associate dean of academic programs at the University of Alabama Capstone College of Nursing in Tuscaloosa became the next NLN president.  Dr. Adams will serve as the League’s president until 2015.

According to the press release issued by the NLN, Dr. Adams thanked past and present leadership for their support during her tenure.  “The league represents everything that I believe in,” Dr. Adams continued, “both in relation to nursing education into nursing education research. I strongly support the fact this organization represents quality education for all types of nursing programs.”

Two new members also joined the NLN Board of Governors.  Janet Tompkins McMahon is the clinical associate professor of nursing and nursing education consolidated department of nursing at Towson University in Maryland and G. Elaine Patterson is a professor of nursing at the School of Theoretical and Applied Sciences at Ramapo College in New Jersey.

Anne R. Bevier previously served as the governor at large and board of governors secretary, will now serve as the president-elect.  Joan L. Frey, dean of the Louisville Campus of the Galen College of Nursing in Kentucky was re-elected secretary and will thus continue to serve another two years in that office.

Nurses Rank Highest Ever

According to a Gallup poll released late last year, Registered Nurses rank top among the most trusted professions.  The survey uses rankings such as ethical standards and honesty.  With this most recent survey, Registered Nurses have topped the list for 13 of the last 14 years.  The only year nurses did not top the list was in 2001 when they were bumped for fire fighters who topped the list after the 9/11 terrorist attacks.  Even more impressive is the fact that 85% of Americans rate nurses’ ethical standards and honesty as “high” or “very high” since 1999 when nursing was first put into the poll.

We at My Nurse Recruiter didn’t need to see these rankings to understand what nurses mean to the healthcare industry, families and patients.  It’s in our slogan, “You’re Important, Be Treated That Way“.  Since 2006 we have worked hard to help nurses find positions that they will not only love but thrive in.  We will continue to work with nurses and clients on consistently improve our service.

Nurses have enough on their plates working to rank Number 1 on annual Gallup Polls, saving lives and comforting patients and families.  Let us at My Nurse Recruiter help you save time and find the perfect position for you.


Nurse Recruiter

Nurse Recruiter

Nurse Recruiter

Why should you use a nurse recruiter?
A nurse recruiter helps RNs find positions throughout the country.  Many times we are asked why should I use a nurse recruiter instead of just looking for a position on my own.  As a nurse you are important and the demand for your skills and expertise is vital to many facilities across the country.  A nurse can certainly perform job searches on their own, send in resumes to prospective employers, follow up on the status of their resume, schedule interviews, etc.

A nurse can also have someone handle all those tasks for them.  Nurse recruiters are trained to help candidates find positions that meet their needs and desires. This can help save you substantial time and aggravation.  Nurse recruiters understand the positions they have, which ones you would be qualified for, and help you to land that position.  One of the biggest reasons for not getting a call back on a position you have applied for is that you may be over or under qualified.  Unfortunately for you, this is not the best use of your time.

A good nurse recruiter will already know what their clients are looking for in a nurse when it comes to filling a position.  They will use that information and give you the best shot at landing a great job that fits both you and the facility.

Another reason to consider a nurse recruiter would be if you are looking to relocate.  Moving to another state or even across the country can be a tough task.  A nurse recruiter will help you find positions in an area you may not be familiar with.  Being open to a location will vastly help improve your chances of finding a position quickly.  Its in these cases that a nurse recruiter is even more beneficial.  Searching for jobs in multiple states or throughout the country is a daunting task.

One of the biggest reasons for many nurses to use a recruiter is travel nursing.  Travel nurse recruiters are almost a necessity if you are interested in getting into travel nursing or contract work.  A travel nurse recruiter is a little different than other recruiters because generally you will work for the recruiter’s agency instead of the facility where you are actually doing the physical work.  They will provide you with your wages, benefits, relocation assistance, housing, etc.  With a permanent placement recruiter you are employed with the facility that you were placed.

Working with My Nurse Recruiter can help even further because we can take your resume and basic information and submit it to some of the best agencies in the country.  They will then use your information to check on positions they have for a match.  With our help, one submission opens you up to thousands of positions you may have never known about.  To get started, complete your online profile here:

My Nurse Recruiter

It is been just over a week since the release of the new My Nurse Recruiter website and the reviews and comments have been spectacular. All of us here couldn’t be more pleased. We are now working with more nurses than we have in our history.

Along with our brand-new appearance, we’ve also added a mobile platform which allow all nurses and clients to reach us directly from their smart phones or tablets. In addition our new lead generation platform is making it even easier for nurses to upload their basic information and resumes.

We are pleased that both clients and nurses are impressed with our new system but we are not done yet. My nurse recruiter will continue to roll out new features that will make the process even simpler. Even better.

It’s possible at My Nurse Recruiter.

The ALL NEW My Nurse Recruiter

My Nurse Recruiter has been the leading site for nurses who want to find their next job easily!  For years we have been helping our nurses and clients come together.  Why?  Because we know that nurses are important.  We have experience on both sides of the table when it comes to finding great nurses and our goal was to make this process easier.

As a company we feel we have achieved that goal but standing still was never what we were about.  With our whole new website, we are ready to bring nurse recruiting to the next level.  We want to provide our nurses with more access to great positions throughout the county.  We want to provide our clients with even more great nurses than before.  We want to make it easier.

With our new site upgrade, everything both our clients and nurses need is right at their finger tips.  We have made many more changes on the site than it may appear at first glance.  Yes the site has a brand new look and feel, completely redesigned from the ground up.  We have also implemented a new mobile platform for all our nurses and clients on the go.  From your tablet or smartphone, you can access all the feature of the new site.  Read our pages.  Browse our forums.  Check out our blog posts.  Submit your profile.  Contact us with questions or comments.  All while sitting at your computer or anywhere else you want to be.

Stay tuned as future upgrades will be coming soon!  To all our users, thank you for making My Nurse Recruiter everything it has turned out to be.  We are happy you are here and hope you like what you see.


Virtual Travel Nursing Job Fair

ProCare One’s first virtual job fair attracted nearly 200 travel nurses interested in learning more about the industry and to apply after some of the most sought after travel nursing assignments.  Their second virtual job fair to place on August 14 of this year. The press release indicated that many of the travel nurses wanted more information in immediate access to the best assignments.

Close to 200 nurses met with the team of top travel nurse recruiters to have a questions about the industry answered.  One of the major areas of focus during the virtual job fair was California. According to the press release many nurses were tempted by the state natural beauty cutting-edge medical facilities.

There are many questions that travel nurses have with regard to the whole process.  Some of the questions may be:

How long is the assignment?
How much is the pay?
What is the housing allowance, if any?
What is included with the housing?  For example, utilities, cable, phone, etc.
What are the medical, dental and life insurance benefits?
What is the relocation reimbursement?
What are the hours?
How many shifts can I be called off?

And there are many many more.  Travel nursing is a great experience for the right nurses, just be sure to ask all the right questions and get the right answers!

National League for Nursing Lists Latest Centers for Excellence

The National League for Nursing named nine schools of nursing and one healthcare organization as Centers for Excellence. Norton Healthcare of Louisville, Kentucky joins the ranks as a healthcare organization receiving the Centers for Excellence Designation by the National League for Nursing.

The National League for Nursing Center of Excellence in Nursing Education designation is designed for schools of nursing and healthcare organizations. These organizations have achieved a level of excellence in a specific area.  Through public recognition and distinction the program acknowledges the outstanding commitment of excellence these organizations convey.  Designations were first awarded to schools of nursing beginning in 2004 with the first designation for healthcare organizations being awarded in 2012.

In addition to Norton Healthcare, schools also received Centers of Excellence designations.  They include Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore and St. Xavier in Chicago, each receiving continuing designations for creating environments that enhance student learning professional development. Villanova University, which is located in Philadelphia, was for the second consecutive year designated a certificate of excellence for creating environments that advance the science of nursing education.

According to the National League for Nursing website, there are currently 24 schools that have the Centers of Excellence in Nursing Education designation. The schools on the list include larger universities such as Villanova and the University of Connecticut, all the way down to local community colleges such as Brookdale Community College in Lincroft New Jersey.