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Why use My Nurse Recruiter?
My Nurse Recruiter is different than most of the places you have seen online simply because we do all the work for you. We take the headaches out of finding that perfect position. How? [more]

Why aren’t there any jobs listed?
My Nurse Recruiter doesn’t list jobs. Why? There are three main reasons.
1. In the current economy many of the jobs that are listed on other sites are filled so quickly that by the time you apply [more]


Travel Nursing
For a travel nurses, My Nurse Recruiter can help you find the perfect job and location that you’ve  been dreaming about. When you complete your profile, the information is sent to various travel nursing agencies that will assist you in locating your next travel contract/assignment. [more]


State Nursing Info
Find more information about each of the US states and DC [more]