Why aren’t there any jobs listed?

My Nurse Recruiter doesn’t list jobs. Why?
There are three main reasons.

Happy Nurse1. In the current economy many of the jobs that are listed on other sites are filled so quickly that by the time you apply, they have been filled. Recruiters of nurses are so busy trying to keep track of applicants that they don’t have time to update the job boards as often as they should. This means many job postings get old, or stale, and are for positions that are no longer available.

2. Sometimes jobs listed on job boards or other sites are actually not even real jobs at all. Recruiters may try to use positions that do not exist to receive applicant information. That way when a position opens that needs to be filled, they can contact you. Sometimes this is great because you receive a call when a position opens that you may be qualified for. The problem is you may be looking for a job now and applying for job that doesn’t exist is a waste of your time. Everyone knows how important you are and they’ll tell you whatever you want to hear just for a chance to collect your information.

3. We do all the work for you! My Nurse Recruiter is unique. We work with you to find YOU the perfect job, not the job that we need filled. All you need to do is simply tell us a little bit about yourself and we’ll get to work contacting our sources around the country to find a job that’s right for you. No games, no gimmicks, no nonsense.