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We Do The Work
Nurses, simply submit your profile, tell us a little about the job and location you are looking for and we’ll do all the work for you. We will contact our vast database of hospitals and agencies and when a job match comes up, you will be contacted! Your time is precious, don’t waste it looking for a job when My Nurse Recruiter can do it for you. And best of all, it costs you nothing. Give it a try, you have nothing to lose and a lot to gain. Many nurses have responses in less than one day! [Read more]

Do you have Permanent Positions?
Yes we do! My Nurse Recruiter helps nurses looking for permanent, travel or per diem positions. We work with manyBest Travel Nursing Jobs Companies types of facilities/companies who have very different needs. One of the benefits of working with My Nurse Recruiter is that we are NOT just a one size fits all company. We understand the nursing field and how different it is for each nurse and facility.  [Read more]

My Nurse Recruiter – Solution for Travel Nursing Jobs
Anyone who has ever looked for a job knows how difficult it can be.  The stress can be over whelming.  Even with proper training, it can still be a headache.  We need to do everything we can to de-stress our lives and sometimes that means getting help from well established companies that specialize in helping you.

We can help with travel nursing jobs for nurses.  My Nurse Recruiter has an excellent reputation of working with the best travel nursing agencies, we understand both perspectives and try to put the heartaches and headaches out of the employment process by doing all the work.  We are very confident in being able to find positions all over the country for our nurses.  After all, we have been doing this since 2006.

From the nurses perspective we found there are too many nurse recruitment agencies trying to steer nurses to the jobs they didn’t want and not enough passion for the ones they’re interested in.

From the hospitals point of view, finding nurses is a tough task.  They still have to update their job boards, take calls from agencies, interview candidates and all the rest of the tasks that are required to successfully hire a nurse.

Travel Nursing Jobs
As it turns out there is a big demand now for travel nursing jobs. When a nurse completes their online profile its sent to some of the top travel nursing companies in the country.  Don’t waste your time applying to different agencies, we will handle it all.  The profile is matched up with a good travel nursing company and sometimes a nurse can receive a response in a day.  All you  have to do is fill out our 2 minute profile submission and tell us a little about yourself, where you want to work and how soon you want to start.  Then relax.  We take over from here sending your information to the best travel nursing companies.

Everyone at My Nurse Recruiter treats you with respect realizing that you are vital to our clients and we strive to position them where they will thrive, becoming an asset to the company.

In the time you have during the day, make a few minutes to fill out an application and begin your search for a better more fulfilling life.  Let My Nurse Recruiter help by working for you and taking away that big headache.

You’re Important!  Be Treated That Way
It’s not just our slogan but what we believe. All of us at My Nurse Recruiter realize you are vital to our clients and we try our best to place our nurses where they will thrive. We have simplified the process to make your life easier. We work with the top facilities and agencies across the country and all you need to do is complete a simple profile form to get in touch with all of them. [Get started]