Virtual Travel Nursing Job Fair

ProCare One’s first virtual job fair attracted nearly 200 travel nurses interested in learning more about the industry and to apply after some of the most sought after travel nursing assignments.  Their second virtual job fair to place on August 14 of this year. The press release indicated that many of the travel nurses wanted more information in immediate access to the best assignments.

Close to 200 nurses met with the team of top travel nurse recruiters to have a questions about the industry answered.  One of the major areas of focus during the virtual job fair was California. According to the press release many nurses were tempted by the state natural beauty cutting-edge medical facilities.

There are many questions that travel nurses have with regard to the whole process.  Some of the questions may be:

How long is the assignment?
How much is the pay?
What is the housing allowance, if any?
What is included with the housing?  For example, utilities, cable, phone, etc.
What are the medical, dental and life insurance benefits?
What is the relocation reimbursement?
What are the hours?
How many shifts can I be called off?

And there are many many more.  Travel nursing is a great experience for the right nurses, just be sure to ask all the right questions and get the right answers!

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