Travel Nursing Jobs Leader, Aureus Medical, Releases Top Qualities of a Successful Travel Nurse

Omaha, NE May 10, 2012

In recognition of National Nurses Week, Aureus Medical Group (web:, a nationwide leader in healthcare staffing, highlights what it takes for RNs to have successful healthcare careers in travel nursing. National Nurses Week is celebrated annually, May 6-12.

Whether a nurse is looking to make a shift in her established career in healthcare of if she has only been working as an RN for a few years, travel nursing is a career option that blends her chosen field with the opportunity to work assignments in locations across the country. Nurses cite the ability to broaden their skills, experience a variety of cultures, and meet new people as key benefits to travel nursing.

Those who are the most successful in their travel nursing careers share common traits:

A travel nurse should be flexible in the sense of being open to working in different locations and during various shifts. While nurses are able to choose their location, they may not always land their first choice of shifts at the hospital or clinic. Nurses may also be asked to rotate shifts during the assignment. The role of a travel nurse is to help a facility that’s understaffed fill the gaps and the more flexible she can be, the better.

Able to adapt quickly:
The very best travel nurses are those who can hit the ground running and begin contributing immediately. It’s possible that when starting a new assignment, the hospital or clinic may lack the time to provide a full orientation on the first day, instead relying on a travel nurse’s skills, qualifications, and her ability to jump right in. A career in travel nursing may be ideal for those who are fast learners and who can adapt quickly to new surroundings and to new people.

Positive attitude:
Everyone gets a little down now and then, but the more a travel nurse is able to maintain a positive attitude, the happier she and her patients will be while on assignment. Each assignment brings new challenges, successes and experiences. Embrace them and strive to approach others in a caring manner.

Good clinical skills:
Because a travel nurse will wear many different hats while working on location, having solid and diverse clinical skills is very important. Travel nurses also pick up many new skills with every assignment they take. Looking forward to expanding the resume will make for a more well-rounded nurse.

Travel nurses are valuable assets to the hospitals and clinics to which they are assigned, enabling facilities to provide continuity of care. Those with strong skills, positive mindsets, and who are able to adapt and fit right in can best position themselves for success in the travel nursing field.

Aureus Medical Group is a national leader in healthcare staffing specializing in the successful placement of Nursing, Advanced Practice, Cardiopulmonary, Diagnostic Imaging, Medical Laboratory, Neurodiagnostics, Radiation Oncology, and Rehabilitation Therapy professionals, as well as Physicians, in hospitals and medical facilities nationwide. With more than 25 years of experience, Aureus Medical offers a full range of staffing options, including national contract (travel), local contract, and direct hire. Aureus Medical is the largest division of Omaha-based C&A Industries, a leading provider of human capital management solutions for more than 40 years.

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