Pediatric Nurse Soothes Separation Anxiety with Mom’s Familiar, Soothing Scent

Hesperia, CA – November 01, 2012

According to pediatricians, the severity of separation anxiety arising from dropping-off infants and young children at daycare can be far-reaching and traumatic for both mom and child. And with a tough economy driving record numbers of moms back to the workforce, a pediatric nurse has developed a new and scientific way to ease separation anxiety – through a mother’s scent. It’s called the Pedia Bear Science Blanket, and it’s rapidly becoming one of the fastest selling baby items in the US.

“We see it in the hospital,” says Becky Lumert RN, a Pediatric Nurse and creator of Pedia Bear Baby Gear at “Babies and moms form a special bond. Even before newborns can focus their eyes to recognize mom, they recognize mom’s unique scent. Pediatricians understand that it’s this multi-sensory connection between mom and child that calms, soothes and creates a sense of well-being for the child”.

With all the moms returning to the workforce, Lumert found a unique way for them to stay connected to their infants and toddlers even when they’re physically away — through the sense of smell. She created the Pedia Bear Science Blanket designed with a patented Scent Swatch that locks in mom’s unique scent.

“A mom’s scent is a powerful and wondrous tool that has gone unnoticed for too many years,” she said. “We’re studying this further, but preliminarily, we’ve seen that simply introducing a mom’s unique scent in our blankets at bedtime/naptime reduces the infants’ stress and allows them to fall asleep an average of 15 minutes sooner than without the blankets. That may not seem like a huge number, but ask a mom how her heartaches when her child cries at naptime/bedtime – and how she feels when she drops her off at daycare and worries that she’s crying alone and you can see how this impacts both mom and child.”

And as for how each mom introduces her unique scent to the blanket, Lumert says, “Moms are clever and they’ve discovered great ways to apply their unique scents to the Pedia Bear Science Blanket Swatch. Some sleep with it at night, while others simply place a drop of their familiar body products; such as moisturizers, perfumes, body oils or lotions. They all seem to work!”

As you’d imagine, moms are the biggest fans of Pedia Bear Science Blankets. Tracy C., a mom of two young boys in San Diego, California said, “Before I found these blankets, I used to worry that my boys might be left alone crying in daycare cribs at naptime. The blankets work! They make me feel better because a part of me is with my boys even when I can’t be. But I’ve seen the blankets in action. Even at home, they hug their blankets at naptime and bedtime and not only do they go down much, much easier… they stay asleep longer. Every mom should have one of these blankets.”

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