Nurses Rank Highest Ever

According to a Gallup poll released late last year, Registered Nurses rank top among the most trusted professions.  The survey uses rankings such as ethical standards and honesty.  With this most recent survey, Registered Nurses have topped the list for 13 of the last 14 years.  The only year nurses did not top the list was in 2001 when they were bumped for fire fighters who topped the list after the 9/11 terrorist attacks.  Even more impressive is the fact that 85% of Americans rate nurses’ ethical standards and honesty as “high” or “very high” since 1999 when nursing was first put into the poll.

We at My Nurse Recruiter didn’t need to see these rankings to understand what nurses mean to the healthcare industry, families and patients.  It’s in our slogan, “You’re Important, Be Treated That Way“.  Since 2006 we have worked hard to help nurses find positions that they will not only love but thrive in.  We will continue to work with nurses and clients on consistently improve our service.

Nurses have enough on their plates working to rank Number 1 on annual Gallup Polls, saving lives and comforting patients and families.  Let us at My Nurse Recruiter help you save time and find the perfect position for you.