Inaugural Membership Assembly Held By ANA

The American Nurses Association (ANA) held an inaugural assembly for members on Friday, June 28 through Saturday, July 29 in Crystal City, Virginia. According to the press release issued on June 29, the Membership Assembly is the ANA’s new governing and policy making body. The Membership Assembly replaces the previous body known as the House of Delegates which the ANA dissolved in 2012.

Items discussed were important and sometimes competing regarding care coordination, access to care, licensure issues and patient outcomes. The board is expected to review further the implications of licensure for nurses to provide technology enabled care.  For example, a follow up phone call after the patient has been discharged held across state lines.

Other items addressed were bylaws which included a timeline for the smooth transition to a smaller Board of Directors. Lastly to the state associations from Illinois and New York were welcomed to the assembly.

The Membership Assembly is expected to meet annually going forward. In 2014 a new board of officers will be elected.

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