Healthcare Staffing Agency Aureus Medical Provides Steps to Avoid Burnout in Travel Nursing Jobs

Omaha, NE May 17, 2013

Working as a travel nurse can be both exciting and highly rewarding, but can also be stressful. Aureus Medical Group, a leading medical staffing agency, provides those employed in travel nursing jobs with the steps to take in order to avoid workplace burnout while on assignment.

The rigors of frequent travel can take a toll on even the most seasoned travel nursing professional and workplace burnout can seriously affect health as well as performance.

Recognizing the symptoms:

Healthcare professionals are used to basing patients’ treatment options on their symptoms. However, the cause and effects of workplace burnout can be much harder to recognize in oneself. Burnout is sometimes referred to as a “silent” condition, as the ways in which burnout manifests itself can easily be mistaken for other problems.

One common symptom of burnout is exhaustion – both physical and mental. Long hours and the pressures of nursing can leave a travel nurse feeling emotionally and physically drained, which can have a debilitating effect on performance, outlook and general demeanor. Other warning signs of workplace burnout include a persistent lack of motivation, irritability with patients and coworkers, declining interest in the work and a general loss of enthusiasm. Although everyone has rough days, a travel nurse feeling one or more of these things for some time might be suffering from burnout.

Taking action:

If a travel nurse suspects she is burning out on travel nursing jobs, the first thing to do is to take a step back and assess the situation. Could contributing factors be working too hard or taking on responsibilities that are proving too much to handle? Could there be a benefit to working part time for a while until things stabilize? These are all questions travel nursing professionals should ask themselves if worried about workplace burnout.

Similarly, asking for help can be an excellent way to avoid burnout. Whether the travel nurse is having a hard time with a particular patient or struggling to juggle the responsibilities of a new travel nursing job, reaching out and asking for assistance is important. Coworkers, immediate supervisors and even senior management are all potential sources of help. A travel nurse who feels that she should take it all on herself may end up doing more harm than good.


Aureus Medical Group is a national leader in healthcare staffing specializing in the successful placement of Nursing, Advanced Practice, Cardiopulmonary, Diagnostic Imaging, Medical Laboratory, Neurodiagnostics, Radiation Oncology, and Rehabilitation Therapy professionals, as well as Physicians, in hospitals and medical facilities nationwide. With more than 25 years of experience, Aureus Medical offers a full range of staffing options, including national contract (travel), local contract, and direct hire. Aureus Medical is the largest affiliate of Omaha-based C&A Industries, a leading provider of human capital management solutions for more than 40 years.

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