Cutting-edge technology enhances patient safety and security, and increases customer satisfaction at Saline Memorial Hospital

BENTON, AR (October 28, 2010) – Quality healthcare includes more than just diagnoses and the treatment of symptoms. Patient safety, security and comfort are three essential components in the administration of comprehensive medical care. Saline Memorial Hospital is at the forefront of providing quality, comprehensive care and patient services as the only Arkansas hospital to utilize the innovative, patient-centered CareView program.

Saline Memorial Hospital has taken the lead in implementing the multifaceted, technologically-advanced patient services program at its 167-bed facility in Benton. On Oct. 28, the nonprofit hospital launched new services that focus on enhanced patient comfort and overall hospital experience in addition to the patient safety and security components that were introduced earlier this year.

“The CareView technology is very innovative, it’s a patient satisfier and most importantly, it enhances safety and security for our patients,” said Judi Kindy, Registered Nurse at Saline Memorial Hospital. “Family members who have an elderly loved one in the hospital love this new system. It gives them comfort knowing we’ve added enhanced security to keep our patients safe.”

Developed by CareView Communications, the new patient-comfort services allow Saline Memorial Hospital patients the options of accessing high-speed Internet on the room’s television using a wireless keyboard as well as on-demand movies through customized entertainment components of NetView and MovieView. These options not only enhance patient comfort and mood, but also offer an entertainment outlet for visitors as well.

Also beginning on Oct. 28, patients may opt for enhanced communication services through the PatientView component. HIPAA-compliant and password-protected, PatientView enables two-way communication between the patient and family members or friends via webcam from anywhere in the world. Additionally, nursing staff may leave status reports with patients’ family members via PatientView, thereby reducing calls into the nursing station.

These three new entertainment and communication components complement the comprehensive CareView program and the three previously implemented clinical CareView services that focus on enhancing patient safety and security through advanced technology: NurseView, SecureView and Virtual Bed Rails.

All three utilize the installation of monitoring stations located at each floor’s nurse station. Through the NurseView patient safety program and with patient consent, nurses may monitor patients from the nursing station between rounds. Through the SecureView program, hospital managers help ensure the continued rendering of quality care.

Through the use of cutting-edge technology, Virtual Bed Rails enhance patient safety and help reduce falls before they happen through the use of invisible motion sensors that create an invisible border around a patient’s bed.

“As a nurse, the CareView system relieves certain anxieties when I know I have patients at risk for falls. With the Virtual Bed Rails, we can draw invisible motion sensitive borders on either side of the patient’s bed from the nurse monitor. If a patient crosses over the border, it triggers an on-screen visual and audible alarm at the nurse’s station of a potential fall. This system has already proven successful in reducing patient falls,” Kindy said.

The CareView program solidifies Saline Memorial Hospital’s reputation as a hospital that provides outstanding medical care and services. The hospital has garnered several recognitions and awards, including The Governor’s Quality Award for Performance Excellence (Commitment Level), The Governor’s Work-Life Balance Mature Worker Award 2009 & 2010, the 2009 HomeCare Elite Award for Home Health Services, the Arkansas Medicaid Inpatient Quality Incentive Award, and the Arkansas Foundation for Medical Care Innovator Award 2008-2010.

“The CareView System is best suited for those who place high quality care, safety and a positive hospital experience first,” said Sam Greco, CEO of CareView Communications. “We are fortunate and privileged to have the opportunity to serve Saline Memorial Hospital as they continually strive to excel in each of these areas. This is the difference between good and great….the desire to be the best and taking the necessary steps to help your care giving team to get there.”

The Saline Memorial campus encompasses approximately 400,000 square feet of inpatient and outpatient treatment areas, a separate Home Health/Hospice unit, and two medical buildings. Saline Memorial Hospital also operates two family clinics in Bryant that offer a variety of primary services. The comprehensive medical center offers a wide range of inpatient and outpatient services including, but not limited to cardiology, neurology, pediatric, orthopedic, otolaryngology, ophthalmology, psychiatric and wound care.

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SOURCE: Saline Memorial Hospital
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